Francesca (our certified nutritionist) is a British national, born and raised in Hong Kong. She has always had a fascination to learn about natural culture/food/beauty. After being diagnosed (many years ago) with various illnesses, she took it upon herself to become her own doctor and to finally manage her conditions. She hopes that with her years of research, travel and study, she has now built up enough knowledge to help and inspire others using an all natural Plant based lifestyle. 


Since day one coconutandwhat has prived itself by promoting a health and wellness lifestyle. We do not agree with the exploitation of another being. This means we do not cook with teach about or work with any animal flesh, secretions or skins. If you need hard facts or scientific proof then please visit the education page on our website where you can learn about the harm it causes to our health the environment and also to the animals. A plant based lifestyle is the way forward for us all and is just so wonderful; see for yourself.