Favourites from lush 

Favourites from lush 


My must have lush products, these itmes have become some of my go to everyday products and I love them because they are all natural!!! 

BB seaweek face mask: filled with nutritious seaweed, kaolin, honey, aloe  Vera and rose. Apply the mask for 10 minutes then wash off (best kept in the fridge) 

Tea tree water: spray on a clean face to help troubled skin. Filled with tea tree, grapefruit and juniper berries. 

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Bubble gum lip scrub: apart from my own home made recipe I also wanted to try this lip scrub out. It smells so yummy!! Filled with caster sugar and oils. (Not the best on the market but good enough) 

Scrub on your lips using your finger or toothbrush once a week. 

Angels on bare skin: a great soft scrub cleanser. Filed with lavender and rose oil. 

Mix with water in the Palm of your hand and scrub your body / face. Soft enough to be used everyday. 

(Must have!!)

The sacred truth: face mask 

Use 1-2 times a week. Leave on for 10 minutes then wash off. (Best kept in the fridge) 

Filled with wheatgrass, Papaya enzymes , green tea, ginseng she's butter. 

(Must have!!) 

Lemony flutter: cuticle butter. 

Most of us tend to neglect our finger and toe nails. But without care our nails will not be able to grow nice healthy and strong. This cream is super thick and only needs to be applied before bed

Filled with lemon, Shea butter, beeswax, lanolin, avocado oils and more!! 

(Must have!!) 

Ocean salt: body scrub

Great for exfoliating with, on dry or wet skin before showering. Use once a week. 

Filled with lime, coconut, sea salt, avocado. It's really works well to get dead skin off and moisturises too. 

Aqua marina: facial cleanser. Very soft facial cleanser, can be used daily. 

Filled with seaweed, calamine, aloe Vera, kaolin. Great for irritated or sunburnt skin. 

(Must have!!) 

Tip- you can actually leave it on for 10 minutes to act as a face mask :-) 

Prince: shaving cream 

I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this item, but the ingredients inside are what sold it to me. I don't shave too much as I use other methods but when I do I want to avoid rashes and what not when I do! 

Great for sensitive skin. Filled with: rose water, cocoa butter, almond oil, witch hazel and more! 

Only a small amount is needed so it will last for ages!! 

Ultrabland: cleanser. 

Love love love this! I wear makeup daily so I need the softest products to take my makeup off with. 

Filled with: almond oil, rose, beeswax, honey. It really removes everything! Especially all that air pollution from your skin! (Which everyone has!) 

Just grab a small lump with a cotton pad and take your makeup off normally. Can rinse with water afterward. 

*no affiliation with lush, everything personally purchased 

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