Happy Persian new yearΒ 

Although I am not Persian, parts of the family grew up in Tehran so we celebrate the new year, why not?? Fantastic food, great music and people too!

So I celebrate Chinese, English, Armenian and Persian new years every year! Yay!


Here's some snapshots from my day.

Nowruz is a celebration of renewal and change there are many activities and symbols which make up the celebration of the new year (which is 13 days long) on new years day - 21 march, a table is laid out with 7 items all beginning with the letter S and everyone brings their best homemade dish to share. 


Sabzeh: wheat sprouts- represent new growth and prosperity

Samanoo: a paste derived -sprouting spring.

Seeb: apple- health and beauty,

Senjed: dry fruit of Lotus tree - love,

Seer: garlic - medicine,

Sumac: crushed sumac berries  -sunrise,

Serkeh: vinegar- age and patience

Other items are also added to the table 

Coins: -prosperity and wealth

Painted Eggs: - fertility

Fish: -life and end of a year

Hyacinth flower: - beauty

Mirror: - reflections of Creation

Candles:- enlightenment and happiness


That's all friends 

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The Beauty of Cucumbers

The Beauty of Cucumbers