100% pure organic Zealong Tea 

Heyyy Friends, I love tea, I make and drink it daily. I drink all sorts of teas (without any sugar) and during the summer I like to drink it cold.

I came across this company named ZEALONG, they have a beautiful array of teas which are very nicely packaged and full of flavour.

Their teas are all pure and also all organic and come in a variety of premium flavours. They also come vacuum packaged and zip locked for easy travel and keeping.

    Let me take you through their different types of teas. Each packet has simply instructions on how to brew them and there are 8 infusions per serving wow!

  1. Pure
  2. Green
  3. Aromatic
  4. Dark 
  5. Black

These leaves are beautiful and they double in size once infused. Depending on how strong you like your tea, you can control it by how long you infuse it for.

Nutritional Benefits of Tea:

  • Reduces the amount of free radicals (anti-oxidant) 
  • Lowers the risks of several diseases 
  • Can keep your weight in shape (increases metabolism) 
  • Improves bone mineral and density 
  • Boosts endurance (burns fat as fuel - thus improving muscle endurance) 
  • Improves immune system 

I loved these teas, they are delicious, they infuse very well, beautiful and come in a variety of flavours. Check them out if you like to find out more about their organic products. http://zealong.com That's all friends 

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