Raw Persian Almond Dessert feat. Superfood Lab

This is a beautiful raw dessert which is easy and fun to make, nutritious and full of flavour. It has a touch of a Persian taste due to its rose water addition. Ingredients: 

  • Handful of Raw Almonds
  • Edible Rose water (1 tsp)
  • Salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut sugar (1. tsp each) (1/2 tsp for salt & nutmeg)
  • (Save some almond flour for the end)


What to do: 

  • Grind whole almonds in a food processor until it forms a powder (1-2 minutes) 
  • Add all the ingredients into a small bowl and mix 
  • Wet your finger tips - then form mixture into a small ball or shape of your choice
  • Slice a few raw almonds vertically 
  • Roll the ball into some more almond flour 
  • Stick the halved almonds into the bottom to create a handle / design 

These little desserts have a beautiful taste of raw almonds and the rose water flavour stands out too (so don't add too much)

Once finished you can store in the fridge or in a small jar on the counter for a nice treat. It's a unique recipe which I haven't found anywhere else.

Enjoy making these with kids too! You can shape them into whatever you like, I find the ones I created look like little turtles.

Don't forget to check out Superfood Lab in Hong Kong, they have an array of delicious and nutritious products. Find them at: http://www.superfoodlab.com That's all friends 

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