ANXIETY FULL STOP - 100th post! 

It's my 100th post! Thank you for following and supporting me through something I am so passionate about doing! For this special post I would like to address one of the MOST important posts I will write, which is to do with anxiety and our inner health!

I'll be writing this straight from my heart from my own experiences. Giving my top tips and reccomendations to those who want to know more about the condition they may have or know someone who has it.

This is not only something that is close to me but it has also been highly requested of from my followers / friends and along with my discussions from related forums.

I'm sure if you are past your 20's you will have an idea about what chronic anxiety is (even though it is felt at all ages) how it effects us or maybe even heard about different coping techniques.

Well unless you have first handedly suffered the whole spectrum yourself it's hard for outsiders to understand what's going on, it's not something that is easily controlled and for outsiders to say 'it's fine relax', is honestly presses the fire alarm button in our body and it WILL NOT help.

I hate anxiety, I hate fear and I hate all the symptoms that come along with it some being, sweating, heart pulpitations, shallow breathing, stomach distress, being ultra organised, food allergies, pressure, short tempered, racing mind, clostraphobia and of course the fight or flight symptoms.  (I have experienced them all) it's horrible and there are not enough doctors to help, it all comes down to you! 

What's the best advice I can give to you: 

  • Daily Exercise (this does not mean doing crazy strenuous workouts everyday) body balance, yoga, dance, outdoors jogging or walking, meditate it you can or tai chi are fantastic ways to strengthen your body, keep your heart rate up and relax your mind along with helping you practice deep breathing.
  • Always be prepared! - Food, As you can see from my blogs / Instagram posts I hardly eat outside and I try to eat at home no matter what time is, it's the safest option. Stay away from refined sugars, processed foods and anything you may be allergic or intolerant to! (check all labels) Eat a great diet and don't forget to take your daily vitamins.
  • Pack your bag wisely with things you will or may need when you go out. Also make sure your home is nice and clean - a messy place will only clog your mind. 
  • Do what feels right for you- this is not being selfish you are only trying to help yourself. People like me don't go and jump on a random plane and fly here and there no! We are organised beings we like to prepare and HATE surprises (unless it's Christmas presents :-) ) as we don't want to endure any symptoms of panic or anxiety or even shock even if it may be a good surprise. 
  • Work- We have to work in order to survive, but to me my health is so much more important, I left my full time 12-18+ hour a day stressful job - even though I was doing some fantastic things, my job took over my life and I ended up taking so many sick days as it took a toll on my on wellbeing and I put myself right at the bottom of the list. Now I'm focusing on so many other projects that I appreciate so much more, I'm happier, I'm healthier and I'm taking care of myself along with making money. Work as much as you are able to but don't over do it if you can't handle it! Sitting in a office is not good for anybody anyway! There is no fresh air, meals are often eaten in front of the computer if any..... It's important that if you live this lifestyle to pay extra attention to exercise, what goes in your mouth, eye breaks, keeping hydrated and try to keep a good work life BALANCE.
  • Reading books and Research (my previous blog listed my top favourites reads to my ever growing collection, LINK AT: Also it helps to 1) join related online forums 2) use anxiety floral colouring books 3) podcasts 4) watching movies and series (don't watch anything upsetting- if you like to watch the news then limit yourself, the world will keep revolving but all the negativity won't help you) 5) specialised phone applications (headspace is great) 6) audible 7) great music 8) keeping a short diary (I recommend - Keel's simple diary) 9) Use tapping and pressure points for instant relief (I always distract myself whilst travelling with the above methods) 10) do not over research or overhead into the internet as this can only cause confusion. (Like that time you googled your rash which turned into a major disease sort of thing!)
  • Connect: See and keep up with POSITIVE friends: keeping a great social life is important and try to do it as much as your body and your mind is willing to let you do. Let your family, friends or partner know about your condition and put it into perspective for them by describing the situation for you, if they don't immediately understand it's normal, they will come to.
  • Gaining control & Keeping a Routine: But also make time for yourself. Most of my beauty routines, cooking ideas, hobbies are done late at night, it's when I'm at home, it calms me down and I feel more creative and happier that way.
  • See a therapist: Whether it be a psychiatrist or psychologist make sure you are happy with your choice and let them know if it's not working and you need to try another method. Just know you are not alone, there are so many people out there who have the same condition as you so you just have to do a little research and join forums to ask any questions that you may be shy to ask your doctor or someone you know.

If you have gotten this far, then well done! This is only a short glimpse of what I can write about this subject.

I hope that these few tips and insights can help you, always feel free to private message me with any questions you have, I have tried a huge variety of things (even that time I went on a 10 day mind and body detox in another country)

That's all friends 

Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴

My homemade Pumpkin Seed Pesto feat. Superfood Lab

My homemade Pumpkin Seed Pesto feat. Superfood Lab

Vegan creamy pumpkin pasta (GF) (DF) (EF)