My homemade Pumpkin Seed Pesto feat. Superfood Lab

My homemade Pumpkin Seed Pesto feat. Superfood Lab


Heyyy Friends, You may have seen lots of different types of ways to make pesto, but here is my own homemade recipe which free from preservatives, sugars, gluten and of course dairy.

It's jam packed with lots of nutrients and it's kept raw to preserve itself. There are so many things you can do with it, for example:

  • Add into pasta (spaghetti squash) 
  • Use as base for your dishes 
  • Toss into blanched or roasted vegetables 
  • Spread it on to bread and bake it 
  • Add it on to your eggs / polenta dishes
  • Instead of a tomato base use pesto for your pizza 
  • Soup Garnish
  • Mix into a salad dressing

The uses are endless. With its natural preservatives it can be kept in the fridge for longer than you think.


Ingredients: (Yields one medium jar)

  • Olive Oil (25ml)
  • Pumpkin Seeds (handful)
  • Couple of Pine Nuts (10)
  • Fresh Basil (half a cup)
  • Raw Garlic (4 small cloves)
  • Salt & Pepper (to taste)
  • Fresh Lemon Juice (one lemon)


  • Soak your seeds & nuts for at least 10 minutes 
  • Wash and dry your basil & juice the lemon
  • Add all the ingredients into a food processor 
  • Blend till its smooth 
  • Transfer into a tight kept jar and store in the fridge


Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds: 

  • Zinc (Immune support)
  • High in Omega -3 fat 
  • Had an anti-diabetic effect 
  • Great for heart and liver health 
  • Contains an amino acids to help sleep (Tryptophan)
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Increased good cholesterol levels 
  • High in magnesium 


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