Organic Golden Milk - Ultimate drink for Optimal Health 

Organic Golden Milk - Ultimate drink for Optimal Health 


Turmeric (curcumin) has been used for thousands of years especially in my families recipes. I'm sure my grandma still buys it by the kilo! Reaping over 600+ benefits to your body it should be something that we consume daily! As you may have seen from my Instagram posts I like consume it straight with a spoon or mix it into hot water with ginger. Especially when I'm sick.....Or even make face masks from it to treat tired looking acne prone skin.

On another level.....Here is a very warming creamy and delicious drink especially great for winter, if you have a weak immune system digestive issues, suffer with fatigue, muscle pain or insomnia this is for you!

Top benefits:

  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Anti-fungal & Anti-biotic properties 
  • Helps digestive health 
  • Detoxifies liver 
  • Helps with high blood sugar and blood pressure 
  • Memory and brain function 
  • Help with maintaining weight & increases metabolism 
  • Energiser 

Ingredients for Golden Paste:

  1. Organic turmeric powder 
  2. Filtered water 
  3. Ground black pepper 

Fun Fact: Black pepper (piperine) helps the absorption of turmeric into your body by 2000% 


  • Mix equal parts of the above ingredients in a pan over low heat and continuously whisk until a paste is formed 
  • Depending on how much you  are making increase quantities as you wish
  • Store in a glass jar and once cool place it in the fridge, it will keep for 2 weeks 



Ingredients for Golden milk: 

  1. Organic Coconut Oil 
  2. Organic fine Cinnamon 
  3. Organic Maple syrup or brown rice syrup or molasses
  4. Organic plant milk 
  5. Organic fine nutmeg 
  6. Organic ginger powder (optional) 

 Method: (Yield: 200ml mug)

  • Pour the milk into a saucepan (measure depending on the size of your cup)
  • Add in a full teaspoon or more of the golden paste
  • Add in teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Add in a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Whisk until it's all combined and it starts to just bubble
  • Add in just less than half a tablespoon of sweetener just before serving
  • Pour into a glass and drink slowly


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