How to eat well whilst traveling abroad 

How to eat well whilst traveling abroad 

So ... Either you are travelling for a business trip or heading off on a wonderful vacation nonetheless your health is something that is going to keep you going so you can make the most of it and feel great at the same time. Here are some tips and tricks I have personally picked up, even with limitations, language barriers and more hurdles I was still able to eat well on the go.


This one makes the most sense and comes very naturally to me, I always make sure I have some nutrient dense snacks in my bag, (savory, salty and fresh options) mostly I carry perishable items in the bag and pack the non-perishables in my suitcase along with any vitamins.

Pre-book your meals on the plane / boat to make sure a good option is available for you at least 3 days prior. Before booking a hotel; send them a message asking if they can accommodate to your dietary needs, if not normally they are more than willing for you to bring in your own food and still enjoy it in the dining area.


Luckily enough I am multi-lingual and along with that I have picked up how to say / understand and read my allergens in a few languages. It's very important that when you travelling; as you are exposed to unfamiliar foods / brands / different preparation methods to make sure you know exactly what you are eating. You should also take screenshots or photos of key phrases and words and keep them on your phone so you have access to them outside of wifi zones. I found I was able to show a photo to a member of staff in the shop or restaurant and they were more than willing to help.


Along with talking to the hotel prior to your arrival, it's a good idea to make sure your room has a mini fridge and a small kettle, it will come in very handy in storing your green juices, teas, kombucha, salads, vegan yogurt, live probiotics, instant soups and teas. Although ive never had to ask as the room always comes equipped.


It's a great idea to use online websites to search for restaurants, cafes and supermarkets that cater to your allergies or dietary preferences. There are several websites with huge databases and reviews like happy cow, aroundme, Yelp or Trip advisor etc....which can also help direct you.


It's important to remember that when you are eating out or buying food to make sure its plant-based allergen free (if you have allergies) and possibly whole grain / oil free, make your meal as colorful as possible lots of nice and healthy vegetables and wholegrain to balance out your blood sugar, feed your brain and keep you satisfied.


When I travel I seem to walk and cycle so much more as I want to really explore the place I'm in and see as much as I can. Exercising throughout the day is also fun and you can mix and match it throughout the week; as it's built into your day you won't notice how much you have done until you check your pedometer! Also if your hotel doesn't have a gym or a pool then pack an exercise band in your suitcase, they are very versatile and you can find several instructional videos on YouTube.


  • Travel with single packet wheat grass power shots, dried miso soup, your favourite tea bags and single packet almond butter, freeze dried fruits and veg
  • Take ziplock bags, rubber bands and tape which will help with secure half opened items on the go.
  • Buy and use a good waterbottle (ones with built in filters) I always drink bottled / filtered water and avoid ice.
  • Skip the fast food and eat locally sourced food as it will be the freshest option and more reasonable.
  • Take all your regular vitamins and emergency medication with you in your hand carry
  • Tip: as I don't drink coffee or take any white sugar I mixed the sachets (complimented by the hotel) together with some cleanser and made a quick exfoliating scrub.

Some examples of what I ate: (More on my instagram)


Breakfast: banana, hazelnuts, walnuts, dried apricot, dried coconut, sunflower seeds

Mixture of olives

Mixed berry and mango salad

DIY scrub

Enjoy your trip!

Message me if you have any additional traveling tips! Coconutandwhat 

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