Alkaline Food + Bloating Tips

Alkaline Food + Bloating Tips

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When we feel as though we have an unbalance in our bodies, we can sometimes just ignore it and go on with our daily routine thinking it will just phase out. Suffering with an imbalance of your PH levels long term is actually something to be concerned about. I for example test my PH levels daily (and if I forget then it’s not the end of the world) BUT if you suffer from GERD, upset stomach, chronic pain, brittle bones, irritability, insomnia, digestive issues, bloating, constant headaches, infections or more then you should follow these simple instructions to make sure your in check. This will also break your bad food and medicine habits (like most of society and the media pushes on us) to just take a calcium carbonate tablet for a very temporary relief which in case does more harm in the long run. Remember these huge companies just want your money, they don’t focus on the side effects. 

Humans need to be at the optimal level of pH 7.36

If you have really high acidity levels (too high that it causes daily irritation) then removing the most acidic food from your diet will help immensely (you can find out some examples in the chart below) Remember your body is designed to survive, it doesn’t care if you are unhappy, it just wants to keep you alive - when you notice any off symptoms these are your alarm bells going off so you must pay attention on what your doing day to day.

An alkaline diet will make it less possible for any disease to survive as they thrive in an acidic environment, with a constantly high acidity level it will be harder for your body to remove free-radicals and built up toxins, By balancing yourself out you will feel less pain or upset. It can also help you feel more mentally balanced, along with helping you feel more energised!

We all need some acidity in our system (pepsin is naturally released) to help digest food and any more can easily come from plant sources.  Here are some top tips - See how many of them you follow or can incorporate.

  • Eating foods grown close to the ground  

  • Avoid excessive alcohol & soft drinks

  • Regular exercise of any sort

  • Leafy greens at every meal

  • Boost your body on an empty stomach (lemon water which is PH7 once metabolised)

  • Incorporate a green juice or smoothie when you can

  • Sticking to a predominately plant based lifestyle

  • Try some herbal tea daily instead of caffeine

  • Reduce added salt - only use what is necessary for taste

  • Take good probiotics (gut alkaline environment is best for it to survive)

  • Reduce intake of any processed sugar (make sure to read labels)

  • Say goodbye to all dairy and meat

  • Add in at least one soupy dish per day / side hot soup to your meals. Miso is great!

  • Try some fermented foods + Sprouted grains / beans / seeds

  • Practise meditation or slow yoga to reduce cortisol

  • Research your favourite PH neutral and alkaline foods - create a meal plan (you can use the meal plan guide here——- add in your favourite custom dish)

  • Purchase PH strips and check your levels at home - (discount code QWV374)

  • If you are really suffering with then you can try a teaspoon of baking soda with water

  • Choose quality over quantity - the more you invest in your health and buy local organic products (preferably not in plastic or a metal can ) you will save yourself from doctors visits

  • Get yourself a good source of water (PH water is widely available in glass or you can invest in a water filter made from clay & stainless steel)

  • Strengthen your immune system with liquid sublingual supplements (especially if you are around kids / in winter / have any health condition)

There are so many other tips! but try to see which ones you can add into your daily routine.

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