Benefits of Tea

Benefits of Tea


Tea is so important to our health as they are all natural most of us prefer to drink a quick coffee and get a caffeine high which only dehydrates us and wears us out more. Tea is delicious and it can be found is hundreds of different combination and flavors, they are a  type of medicine to heal us. Top reasons to drink: (not the milk and sugar filled types)

  • Increase energy endurance (burn fat)
  • Protects against many diseases
  • High in antioxidants
  • Fights free radicals
  • It's Hydrating
  • Helps weight loss
  • Projects tissues and bones
  • Boosts immune system
  • Mood elevator
  • Lower levels/chances of high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke. (type 2)

Below are my top teas that I always make sure I have at home.

1- Chamomile tea w/ spearmint, lemongrass, blackberry leaves - great before bed. Caffeine free

2- Apple cinnamon tea w/ hibiscus, chicory, roasted carob, apple-great for balancing blood sugar levels. Nice creamy taste.

3- Green tea (weight loss, antioxidant, regulate blood sugar, reduces bad cholesterol and so much is its own medicine so just drink it!!!)

4- Detox milk thistle tea w/ dandelion, echinacea, red clover, natural vanilla. To detox and boost immune system.

5- Lemongrass and ginger (for nausea muscle spasms, arthritis, digestion, antibacterial, stomach cramps, cold and flu).

6- Peppermint, chicory , lemongrass tea. Great to beat the bloat, calm and help digestion.

7- Echinacea plus- fire up the immune system, minty and citrus taste.

8- Ginger aid, w/ blackberry leaves, lemon - promotes digestion, helps nausea.

9- Lemon balm- relaxing, uplifting, memory enhancing, helps indigestion. Nice minty and citrus flavour.


Caution: Teas are a diuretic- better not to drink them before a long journey and also CROSSCHECK the tea with any medications you are taking to make sure it's safe.

PS. You don't always have to drink it hot. Make a nice cup then once cooled pour into a bottle and refrigerate it's fantastic the next day!!!!


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