Compost Soup

Compost Soup

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Hope you have been keeping warm if you are in winter. [This dish is sure to warm you up]

This is something I tried for the first time, I was hesitant about it all working due to the limited space in the kitchen but it did. I made the most delicious clear veggie soup, really deep in flavour, a nice mouthfeel, umami components and it was all from using leftover scraps from many different vegetables!! I was pleasantly surprised and I will continue this practice in the future. 

So, as we all know eating plant-based it just amazing for your health, better for the planet and the animals. BUT we are still in a transition stage of so many products still being packaged in plastic and disposable materials. I have been clearing out all the kitchen cabinets and draws and investing in long term and multiple used materials such as wood, bamboo, stainless steel, silicone, coconut shells, hemp & cotton bags…..

We don’t have a great home recycling system set in place in Hong Kong yet so it’s really up to the individual and consumer demand to get this going. With our over consumption in the world our skies have become more polluted, it gets so much hotter and everyone just gets frustrated! Therefore it being crucial to consume as little as possible and I’ll come on this journey with you. 

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So what we did was quite simple. We used a cotton / silicone food grade freezer bag for the storage. We placed all the vegetable scraps into the bags each time we cooked, just keeping them in the freezer. This didn’t take a while as we are plant eaters!  [avocados skins can’t be used and must be tossed, if you are in Europe I’m sure you already have your little green box for this] If it’s rotten. Skip it and compost as normal.

After the two bags were stuffed full it was as simple as washing them thoroughly, then placing them into a large pot covering the scraps with enough water. Bringing it to the boil and simmering on low medium heat, adding in apple cider or coconut vinegar, salt, pepper / lemon. Once satisfied that veggies are soft, strain and use the liquid as you please; freeze into stock cubes or consume as clear stock I also added in fresh black pepper and EV olive oil. 

See below for the results: I did not try blending this but I shall try it next time and let you know if it worked.

This time I used:  

  • Red Onions (skin and bulb)

  • Carrots + Radish (skin and core - from spiralizing)

  • Celery + leaves (the parts too soft to use raw)

  • Broccoli & Cauliflower stems

  • Ginger (Peeled off skin)

  • Mushrooms (Stalks)

  • Fennel (Tips)

compost vegetable soup
compost soup

Remember that Meat, Bones, Fish, Fats, Dairy CANNOT be composted and it is unsafe to recycle.

vegetable stock recipe

FINAL RESULT!! Served in a nice heat proof ceramic cup.

Remember, if you do eat animal products and have any bones from a recent meal you can add them in, it is much better than them going to waste without serving another purpose.

Thats all friends.

If you have any questions, just message me, get creative, help planet earth and be healthy.


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