So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written on here, I’ve been focusing on my main job along with creating and writing content for many wonderful companies along with focusing on my social media and 1-1 advice.

I’m very happy to have now reached a nice solid number of supporters where we can share ideas together and reach a wider audience for a good cause, so thank you! These three recipes have been the most asked about on my social group pages and are focused on boosting your immune system, which is also great for the cold weather (As I have just worn my winter first jacket of the year and got out my duvet)

Hopefully, you can spend some more time in the kitchen during the holidays and make conscious decisions about it as well. I’m looking forward to spending it in the UK (bring on the plant-based Christmas dinner!) It’s astounding to see the demand for products are so high and so many of you are choosing the right path as well.

So here we go! Three recipes on one post! 1) Cultured Coconut Yogurt 2) Cultured Kombucha 3) Fermented Dill Sauerkraut


I cherish making probiotic coconut cultured yoghurt at home, without thickeners, sugars, and it’s cheaper so I do it regularly! It’s really easy to do and super beneficial to your whole body! Also free of any animal products aka no pus or growth hormones etc…and also cruelty-free!


I open and scoop out coconut meat, I usually use three whole coconuts each time (make sure to wash the meat it to get rid of any husks) saving the coconut water in a separate glass (strained)

In a high-speed blender – Simply blend it smooth with a some of its own coconut water, just enough liquid to cover the coconut meat. Add in 100 billion CFU at least 10 strains probiotic with a wooden spoon (no metal utensils) hand mix lightly then ferment for 24 hours, later placing it into the fridge for up to 4 days.

For fermentation, place the coconut mixture into a glass bowl and cover with a smaller ceramic type plate then cover with a dishcloth. Leave in a dark corner. The mixture WILL thicken up during the process. I make this twice a week and use on soups, make a sour cream, eat with berries or on its own (on an empty stomach to break-my-fast).

You can also add a few drops of stevia if you have a sweet tooth. If you don’t have high probiotics start lower just make sure it’s really clean with no fillers, sugars or animal products (message me for recommendations)

coconut yoghurt Recipe
coconut yoghurt Recipe



As you may have seen my Kombucha is in its 5th round and has grown quite nicely. Whilst I like to freak my guests out on what the SCOBY looks like I’m really liking the taste and benefits too.

You will need a live SCOBY along, some tea (black, white, green – not fruit or teas with oils) and Organic cane sugar.

Simply make a large batch of tea (2.5+litres) dissolve in the cane sugar. I like to add less than what’s sold in stores. Then once fully cooled transfer into a large sealed glass container with the SCOBY and it’s liquid. Then top with filtered water (another 2.5 litres)

Let it ferment for 10-30 days. Depending on how tart you like it. Drink as it is, or what I normally do is place it for a second fermentation. I transfer the liquid only into a glass jar and leave in the fridge for 2-3 days. If you want you can add a touch of fruit before closing it so it really fizzes ALOT! (if you do this, ferment for 1-2 days only) once your batch is almost done you can make a new one the same way BUT make sure to keep a bit of the starter liquid for the next round.

Kombucha SCOBY
Kombucha RECIPE



This is an Armenian take on sauerkraut it’s not hot like the Korean version or stringy and soft like the Germany version. It’s firm, crunchy and herby tasting!

Simply dice green, purple or white regular cabbage into the thick squares. Add in Peeled garlic, fresh or dried dill, mint, pinch of Pink salt and a some fermented vinegar

You can also use a probiotic starter for an extra boost especially if you don’t have the fermented vinegar. Ferment for at least 5 days on your counter then keep it in the fridge, add onto any dish and eat it raw.

sauerkraut Recipe


Hope you enjoyed the read, I know there are many many versions online but this is what I’ve been making. Tag me on Instagram if you make any of the above. Happy Holiday season!


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