Can you Hack your Health?

Can you Hack your Health?

Hey Friends,

Gut Issues are more common these days, there is no wonder to it because of our lack of nutrients in foods, choices, time, stress and educational value and time they put into their health. Investing knowledge into your own health can extend your life but also make you much happier along the way. We live in a world where we can get any food we want at any time of the year.

I had to read up quite a lot about this seasonal eating, for example what grows in winter is what we eat in winter and what grows in the summer we eat in the summer; our bodies actually became used to this, not only was it normal it was also fresher and cheaper.

I live in a city where 90% of the produce is brought in from overseas, “90% of the total food supply in Hong Kong is imported food, 94% of fresh pork, 100% of fresh beef, 92% of vegetables and 66% of eggs” imagine how many nutrients are lost along with way, plus the added costs. We need to create more of a demand local grown foods even if space is limited- rooftop plant farming is becoming quite popular.

I, unfortunately have dealt with a lovely variety of health upsets. If I did not take control over them and get myself educated and on a correct path, I may be in a worse off position, that of which I am sure of. I have had a whole load of treatments and tests done over the years so I know what is going on to an extent. But as always with health the cure or the answer is never straightforward and simple as we would like or expect it to be; concerns can come at any age so don’t think you have won just quite yet. Everyone has something, to some degree, but the only person who will help you 100% is yourself.

I wonder how many of my readers have extensive knowledge or have complete tests. I find it very interesting to look through reports (yet also sometimes it can feel like a fortune teller moment where do you really want to know!?) I think this is something that also scares people off because they may not accept the outcome. Acceptance is very tricky I agree, yet if you have the courage to find out, I encourage you to do so, it may be great! This year I got involved with more biotechnology, I also took part in another microbiome and DNA testing - maybe I am a health nut but I love to absorb this sort of information, call me selfish but I like to know everything about me! This practise is what helps me write to you, I now have something to give you. I’m sure you have heard this phrase “If you don't do things to keep your cup full, you have nothing left to give or share”

I found out an array of traits I had, information about my ancestry and a comprehensive understanding about my overall health. I connected to liked-minded others through my results and it gave me insight into areas I did not know yet.

With all this information I have accumulated over the years, it is certainly a considerate amount to take on. I sometimes think, is it too much? where do I go from here? should I change my lifestyle….yet again? but this does not worry me because I have become quite accustomed to change and that may be because I have a goal to become the best version of myself.

Keeping a health diary has helped immensely, I keep track of menstruation, food intake, supplements, PH levels, GI tracking and more, but this is not done in anyway obsessively. It is a simple guide just for myself, in which I would suggest you do the same, try it for one week, see how you get on and then reflect.

Talking about gut health can be an extremely complicated subject with our 100 trillion bacteria just in our gut it can be hard to keep them happy all the time. They can also get used to the unhealthy food you eat, the toxins you retain and they can also find it normal, until they don't.

Your immune system may crash then the rest of your organs will release a signal signing something is off. (you may or may not notice) but they are there. I used to get extreme sinusitis very often (as your immune system starts with your nose) it really took a toll on me, being completely helpless I was given some chemical medication and off I went, without being helped in the long run it came back.

I never thought I could help ease the symptoms using natural methods to actually prevent it reoccurring in the first place. Apart from cutting out trigger foods I found ease in TCM (Chinese medicinal, Ayurveda and natural Ancient techniques) such as cupping, massage, steam, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changing practices to enhance the immune system. Along with this is the huge factor of heavy metals and air quality - at home I now have salt lamps, plants, air purifiers and use natural cleaners. It all does add up to help you!

Let me just mention about FODMAP’s, this group stands for “Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols” below is a chart you can refer to, actually I have had it printed and stuck onto my kitchen wall for years but am only sharing my opinion on it now. Along with lectins, nightshades, histamines these high FODMAP foods could be the factor in why you have any irritation, anywhere from your skin, a compromised immune system, headaches, mood or GI issues.

You should however follow your food diary and have IGG food allergy testing along with gut microbiome analysis to get a full picture along with previous medical results. Yet this guide has help many to relieve their confused gut symptoms. I am putting this as a reference, if you know your health you can almost hack it to work at its full potential, whether you have a physically or mentally focused job or lifestyle, it doesn't help to know a bit more, does it?

Here is my guide you can reference

Also some FODMAP friendly burgers

Any questions? Pop me a message


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