It’s a bizarre thing these days to spend hours in the kitchen or stay at home and be a homemaker, just the other day I was casually on the phone to my Grandma and we had a long conversation about recipes, talking about everyday foods we had growing up yet today they are all seen as superfoods.

There was always something sprouted, pickled, fresh (herbs/tart cherries) fermented and cultured on the table which were always full of life. I grew up eating lots of fruits and veggies and still do, this was somewhat different to some of my friends and their diets they would snack on junk food instead of celery sticks, even during birthday parties! (Something we all laugh about now).

I thought to myself whilst trying to wean out any extra secret information on the telephone, about how much people are paying for these types of foods and why it’s seen as special? It’s the most natural food there can be. Such old recipes have suddenly resurfaced just like fashion comes and goes and there are so many new bloggers and new cooking shows on the block with these seemingly ‘new ideas’.

Yet here is where I see the issue, convenience, in our fast-paced lifestyles with work, commuting, little time to exercise or sleep and fitting in errands, how much time does that actually leave us to cook at home? Literally none! No one wants to think about going to several supermarkets, food prepping, cooking and cleaning at 9pm! It’s not seen as a priority at all, but it should be. It’s despondent to see that the business world is so dominant that we lose this connection and forget to be mindful and caring not only to ourselves but also our attitudes to others through our rushed lives.

How about if you were someone like me who never liked fast or junk food, who developed food allergies and had to stick to special diets all the time? Well, I had time for it, it was just a matter of getting organized and self-motivated to learn, create and complete.

I would have liked to experience life in the days where one would simply walk to the local shop; buy anything without having to check through so many ingredients to see what additives there were, nothing would of been imported of flown in or travelled a long way so all the nutrients and taste would still be there. (I know people who check probiotics only to find out they are inactive from traveling so far). The days where one could walk into a shop, know the owner, know where the produce came from whilst being educated about the products and possible benefits of them too.

I sometimes walk through old open markets where individuals sell herbs and spices and the things I learn are priceless, could you imagine the same information in the supermarket or restaurant chains?

The doctor is not going to give you any helpful information apart from the date of your next appointment! So value your health and take it into your own hands.

There are many times I buy imported foods, as I live in a city on a plant-based organic allergy-free diet (sadly we don’t have many options, so I don’t have much choice) yet thinking about all the fruits and veggies I buy – are there actually any nutrients left in those products?

To get to the point, there is nothing new about natural foods, we are somewhat going backwards in food trends which may be a good thing, people are realizing that these highly processed foods are damaging their systems so much that a simple change in diet, more time in the kitchen with a bit of education and practice is going to save them thousands at the doctors and also possibly elongate their lives. I think these health documentaries that are constantly being released are a fantastic way for people to make the connection between the two and hopefully will be passed down to younger generations (like they may have done however it didn’t stick). Some of us also forget what is good for us, for example, when we have a common cold, reaching for medicine is easier than making a cup of hot lemon ginger tonic because it’s advertised everywhere, we are all prone to the media, just like fast food is constantly marketed, it gets into people’s minds and it’s hard to forget. Being healthy is seen as a ‘challenge’ isn’t that so strange. Just search the web for “vegan challenge” “raw food challenge” “healthy food challenge”.

Do you ever see anyone marketing home cooking?

We need to find the love in the kitchen again; teach, learn and discuss with everyone, you never know what you may learn. Get back to home cooking, try making things yourself, understand what’s in your food and make a mindful connection between the two. So to what do you owe your highest value? It should be your health, right?




All Natural Green Banana Bread

All Natural Green Banana Bread