Why we should all sleep on our left side!!

Why we should all sleep on our left side!!


Most of us sleep the way it feels most comfortable. (Studies show this is actually on our stomachs!) But for the past few years I have been going to sleep on my left side with a small pillow in between my knees for back protection and the results have paid off!  If any of you suffer from GERD, stomach aches, indigestion, going through a cleanse or detox etc**...Then try this, I'm sure you will slowly feel a huge difference. Also make sure you sleep in complete silence and darkness (use blackout curtains, hypnotherapy music and eye masks).

** When going through a cleansing phase a few years back I slept on my right side, trust me when I say I was very ill! I couldn't understand why! But it was because I was blocking my body from digesting the ingredients properly and was very sick in the middle of the night - making the effects of the cleanse useless!

 As the pictures and diagrams above show, your organs all operate better when sleeping on the left-side. Making your digestive system work at its peak. Especially as your liver and body go through detox around 11pm - 2am you want to make the most of it!

Most of us toss and turn during the night but that's normal, as long as your make a good effort to sleep on your left side when falling asleep your body will naturally and gradually succumb to finding that position the more comfortable.

-avoid caffeinated, alcohol, chocolate , sugary foods or sparkling products and also hard to digest foods late at night too. 

I found this bed image which looks hilarious because I'm sure most of us would fall of it, unless you sleep like a stone. But it's truely the best way to sleep! In the foetus position!! The lowdown: 

On your back: Worsnes snoring, doesn't help digestion, doesn't help neck or back pain.

On your stomach:  Worsens back and neck pain, doesn't help with breast wrinkles, doesn't help with digestion or any stomach issues.

On your side: Helps with snoring, helps with back pain (pillow in-between knees) improves circulation, best way to sleep if you are pregnant. It's easier for the heart to pump downhill. Helps bile and spleen function. 

(Unless you have a shoulder or arm injury - changing your sleeping position till your healed is ok)

Try it yourself and wake up feeling refreshed and healthy ☺️ *all images above found online.

That's all friends 

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