Tongue Mapping

Tongue Mapping

Hey Friends,

  • Have you ever had a good look at your tongue?

  • Have you ever wondered why some people have terrible breath?

  • Do you clean your tongue daily?

  • Do you notice the differences after eating certain foods?

  • Do you see indentations, ulcers, cracks or discolouration on your tongue?

  • Do you suffer from tooth discolouration?

  • Any symptoms of GERD, intolerances?

These are just some of the questions that can bring awareness on taking care of your inner self. Most people just worry about skin care because they can physically see it, but how about your internal wellness? The tongue really can uncover secrets about your health. This is something I have been researching into the past few years. 

Disclaimer: Self Diagnosis is not always the best, especially if you tend to exaggerate any symptom. Being mindful about the subject can give you clues or indications about what is going on in your health.

I’ve built up a healthy habit of checking my tongue often and can definitely tell when something is unbalanced. Along with the tongue creating our first digestive enzyme; amylase, it also has its own map of receptors, some examples being that our sweet sensory being right at the tip and our bitter receptor is right at the back - which is why champagne flutes are long!

The tongue is also split into partitions that represent our different organs comparative to face mapping or foot reflexology, it can be a very handy tool to learn, even if your takeaway from this article is to look at it once daily that’s a start! Example of tongue partitions are that the spleen and stomach are placed right in the middle, liver on both sides and bladder right at the back. I will attach some images for you to have a better picture below.

Let’s get into tongue mapping: Some examples can be an indication or possible cause of:

  • Sores on the mouth or tongue - Vitamin or mineral deficiency,

  • Thick tongue coating - Excess processed sugar / bacterial overgrowth

  • Side indentations (scalloped) - Thyroid issues, smoking, nutrient deficiencies,

  • Cracks (fissured) - Malnutrition, alcoholism

  • Pale in colour - Fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, dehydration

  • Red Tip and white centre - Stressed, emotional state

  • Yellow coating with red patches - Dampness and heat

  • Light pink, plump and clear -This is the optimal goal!

Now these are just SOME variants that can be seen. You can check your tongue any time of the day but it’s best done first thing in the morning before scraping or drinking water. This normally gives a more accurate picture. You can also take note after each meal, look at your food, drink and vitamin intake (best to keep a guide for reference). if you find for example you are having a scalloped tongue daily do go and check that out. with a Dr.

Practising good hygiene is important but I find so many people I talk to don’t even clean their tongue! Built up bacteria and food particles also can cause a brown tint on your pearly whites! So please get into the habit of using a stainless steel scraper as well as using natural toothpaste, floss and mouthwash (alcohol free) (activated charcoal and clove based products are preferred. Parsley and coriander are know to help a lot!, if you can’t get yourself to chew it solo, then add it to a green juice or salad.

What you consume speaks volumes, sticking to a plant-based diet will help your body produce those essential enzymes you need, fresh fruits and veggies are the way to go! Avoiding processed, refind or decayed items! If you have a thick coating on your tongue everyday then clean up your diet, (it may indicate a bacterial overgrowth in your gut perhaps).

Adapting a good habit will help your organs absorb more nutrients plus you will hopefully be able to taste everything so much better! (Isn’t that amazing!)

That’s all friends!

Any questions? Send me a message


map of recpetors
tongue mapping

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