Plant-Based Wellington

Plant-Based Wellington

vegan wellington
beautiful golden colour pastry

beautiful golden colour pastry


  • Portobello Mushrooms (2 large)

  • Pre-boiled Chesnuts (150 grams)

  • Raw Carrots (2 medium-large)

  • White Onion (1 large) + Garlic (1 bulb)

  • Handful of fresh or dried rosemary, thyme

  • Pinch of pink salt, ground white pepper, smoked paprika

  • Freeze dried Mushroom powder (optional)

  • Preferred high heat cooking oil

  • Arrowroot/corn starch mixture (50ml)

  • Tamari Liquid (10ml)

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  • Firstly dice up all of the dry ingredients finely, if you can lightly pulse not blend in a food processor it may save your teary eyes from the onion!

  • Pre-heat your oven to 180°C

  • Into a hot frying pan, add in your cooking oil and Tamari and brown the mixture well, it does not need to fully cook through, a nice al-dente bite works well

  • Lower the heat and whisk in the thickening mixture just for a minute then turn off the heat. This will help encapsulate the flavours and prevent the richness from escaping into the pastry.

  • Carefully roll our your pastry on to a linked baking tray, and place the mixture into the centre of the pastry lengthwise then fold over the two sides, squeezing every air gap together.

  • Design as you wish then bake for 35 minutes

  • Rest for 8-10 minutes before enjoying!

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Hi There!  

How have you been? Excited for spring?!

This recipe, although is long overdue it is still well worth sharing. The filling is made without processed ingredients which is what I do try to avoid (unless it’s a plant based treat from time to time) This recipe was creatively fun to make and a stunning option for a dinner party too! 

The filling for this could be just about used for anything such as a casserole, cottage pie or a Bolognese as well. I was hesitant about this dish at first, working with delicate pastry needs patience! Also as the wellington is fully encased, its near impossible to sneak in a taste without ruining it all, to my surprise it turned out great and everyone devoured it!

The pastry was store bought (w/o gluten, dairy or eggs) but if you have the right ingredients and a large kitchen workspace then go ahead and prepare it in advanced. Make sure the pastry is semi-cold for use of use. Let’s get started!

Prep Time: 12 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Bake Time: 35 minutes  


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