AIP, Lectin Free, Low-Fodmap, Plant-Based, Nightshade Free List

AIP, Lectin Free, Low-Fodmap, Plant-Based, Nightshade Free List


What Is Lectin?

"Let's set the record straight: Plants don't like us. They were here first. They had it great before animals arrived because nobody wanted to eat them or their babies: their seeds. When animals arrived, plants had a problem: They couldn't run, they couldn't hide, and they couldn't fight. But they were chemists of incredible ability. So they turned to chemical warfare to convince their new predators, animals, not to eat them.

"They do this by using, among other things, proteins called lectins that literally act like guided missile attacks on the gut lining of animals, the nerves, and the joints by binding to sugar molecules. Essentially they hack their predators to make them feel ill, or not thrive, or hurt. The smart animals get the message and move on. Then humans arrived. We're pretty stupid. When we eat these things and don't feel well, we take Aleve or Advil or Nexium or antidepressants and keep eating."

Now this list although great, doesn’t get right to the point of those who are also plant-based / low-fodmap and have been eating only gluten-free for many years with little results. These named gluten free grains are for made marketing purposes as you can see it has taken a trend around the world. These products not only highly processed but still are part of the same protein family. Which may be why you still have issues digesting beans or quinoa per say.

Pressure cooking foods just as your grandparents did is the best way to consume it but yet avoid in the initial stage to see if there is a difference, keep a diary and see how you feel. If you can handle foods in the raw form then that is fantastic as raw fruits can be easy on the digestive system at least this way you can start absorbing nutrients.

Coconutandwhat has spent a very long time coming up with this list, cross checking this list with doctors articles, books, seminars and if you suffer with SIBO, IBS, IBD, auto-immune, allergies or chronic illness this one is a great guide to follow. 

Download and print it out, take it to the shops with you or pin it on your fridge. 

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